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Sophie Lasson Showreel

Showreel 2014

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2014 Showreel


“Unity” Kevin MacLeod (

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The Library

The Library

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A Promotional video for the Library at coFWD.


“The Library is an L-shaped room, made up of a 3m x 3m space with a corner sofa, plus a 2.5m long work surface. With a relaxed atmosphere it’s the most adaptable space at coFWD. It’s a comfy environment for small teams or startups who want to run away days, discuss plans and throw ideas around. It also serves as a place to hide away, get your head down and escape from distractions. Equipped with retro consoles and a chess board it’s a favourite for games nights.” –

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The Bunker

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A Promotional video for the Bunker at coFWD.


“The Bunker is a little harder to describe but you’ve probably not seen anything like it. It’s a 4m x 5m basement space in the lower floor of the building and contains sofas, armchairs, second hand furniture and some very cool artwork. The atmosphere is unusual but it’s really very comfortable. It’s a great place to discuss plans and throw ideas around. The wifi in The Bunker is stronger than Russian Vodka so you can do all your internet-related things down there with no hassles at all. It’s adaptable for various uses, from social discussions to collaborative making.”


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The Canvas Room

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A promotional video for the Canvas room at coFWD.

The Canvas is exactly that – a blank canvas. A 7m x 6m white room with white walls and white furniture, containing all the essential things you need for meetings or workshops like chairs, tables and power. Furniture can easily be removed or rearranged so you can create the space you need. We also have a digital projector, tea and coffee making facilities and if you need anything else, we’ll do our best to accommodate. The whole building has wifi but The Canvas Room also has a number of ethernet points if you prefer doing things with wires. This upstairs space is adaptable for various uses, from training workshops to meditation sessions.
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